Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes . . . real bad.

I was hoping to talk Phil Plait into endorsing (he's the only one who could for obvious reasons) this exciting new Nanopathic™ product line. Taking a page from Homeopathy's playbook, it's pure water and pure profit! Okay, there'd be some sugar, flavoring and food coloring, etc., but it'd still be primarily filtered Chinese tap water.

Sadly, I fear that Phil will have too much integrity to go for it, I mean he has his new TV career to think of. Crap! I would have been his partner in the company, so I stood to make a lot of cash from this venture. However, I still think we skeptics can beat the woomeisters at their own game. Somebody's gotta need some extra dough . . .

Orac's More-Rack™Breast Enhancing Salve? Grothe's Growth Elixer Nº. 7? Maybe there's something I can do with P.Z. Myers' name . . .


  1. Hot damn! We're in the money now for sure!

  2. PeeZee Myers' olde-fashioned Squid Oil...for what ails ye.

  3. If you add my new diuretic called Zee, there's a whole new medical market we can tap.

    Plait Tech Tonics, helps you Pee Zee Mores!

    ... okay, I'll get me coat.

  4. Plait Tech-Tonics... dude, that's freaking awesomely excellent! I'd be willing to consider dumping my ongoing love and endorsement of Red Bull in favour of Mango Macroscope by Plait Tech-Tonics.

    Pure, freaking, genius. (Pay-off line?)

  5. Brilliant my good sit pure brilliant its time to alert the masses all must enjoy the sciency goodness, also it gives new meaning to "drinking the skeptical koolaid"